Selected Illustrations


Tentacle Reader
Dog Fish Ride
Barking Pink Pup
Astronomer Short Story
Dog Kiss
Lettering for Nirvana Noir Videogame
Everything Short Story
Umbrella Bird
Rabbit Car Spot Illustration
Lil Seat and Lil Treat
Gideon the Cat
Character Sketches
Lion Learning Party
Grandma Pup Knitting
Friendship Valentines
Keep Your Head Up
Working Out with Buff Dog
Dreaming Capybara Interactive Postcard
Tiny Lagoon Character Concepts
Syvlie the Circus Poodle
Muffin Rabbit Spot Illustration
Cat & Dog Interactive Postcard
Garden Fox Greeting Card
Wild Animal Character Concepts
Clothesline Display Animation
Silver Pup Birthday Card 
Die-cut Dog & Cat Cards
Congrats Greeting Card
Repeating Dog Heart Animation
NYE Dog Party Postcard
Mourning Dove Greeting Card
Cookie the Witch Cat
Die-cut Summer Character Cards
Food Dye Animation
“K” is For Koala Poster

About Valerie


Hi there! I’m Valerie Nelson, and I often go by “Snailerie” on the internet. I’m an Illustrator, Visual Artist, and Graphic Designer based in Rhode Island. I studied Graphic Design at RISD, worked as a Graphic Designer for a few places—most notably Todd Oldham Studio, and am now currently a freelance illustrator and designer.

In 2022, I began making stationery, greeting cards, and stickers, and sell those through

I’m open to collaborations, commissions, and just exchanging funny videos through the internet. 

You can contact me at:
or (I check both avidly)

Socials: Instagram, Twitter, Ko-fi, Tiktok

If you’d like to view my design portfolio, you can visit that here.

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 Thanks for visiting Valerie is currently open to and available for collaborations and client work! Feel free to reach out via email if you are interested!  The Snailerie Shop is currently open for a limited time during the spring months!