Logo Designs & Lettering


Lettering for Nirvana Noir, a Video Game 
Everything Short Story
Just Sayin’ Hey Animation
Mango Town Logo
What’s That? Title Card for Smarts & Crafts
Sunshine & Ravioli Song Poster
“U” is for Urchin Letter Poster
Tip! Animation Intro Title Card
“K” is for Koala Letter Poster
Smarts & Crafts Animated Logo
Silence Poster Concept
Plaid Ink Logo for Todd Oldham Studio
“F” is for Frog Letter Poster
Home Poster
Phantom Lettering
Day Light Lettering
“L” is for (Slow) Loris Letter Poster
“M” is for Manatee Letter Poster
Mudi Dog Poster
Marker Felt Font Valentine

If you would like to view more of Valerie’s Design and Branding work, you can view that portfolio here.

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